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2013 Access Lot Rules


The board is required to maintain the Access Lot and the facilities thereon in a manner which makes it an inviting recreational and watercraft access area for our residents

In an effort to maintain order and ensure the access lot is being used by residents, parking passes have been issued for use at the Access Lot. One parking pass is issued for each homeowner with up-to-date dues.

There are 198 homes in the Bahia Bay Community so parking is first come first serve with a parking pass.

All vehicles without a pass will be towed. All vehicles parked after hours will be towed.

There is no overnight parking at the access lot. Parking is not available for special events. If you have multiple guests, they should park at your home.

Please contact Ann Pappas to pay your dues and collect one parking pass. Please contact Janice Takes if you have already paid your dues and need a parking pass. Please provide advance notice to Ann and Janice. Last minute requests may not be able to be accommodated due to personal schedules. Board Members 2013-2014 (Michelle, Janice, Ann, Jackie, Miriam)

Contact 2013-2014- Ann Pappas 704-928-5283 or info@bahiabay.org and arntouch@gmail.com Janice Takes at 704-987-9783

or email Vicepresident@bahiabay.org or jtakes@mi-connection.com posted 7-25-13 for Ann & Board Members 2013-2014

Access Lot Rules Bahia Bay Community Association


(Last revision July 25, 2013)

The access lot & swim area is a Bahia Bay Community Association property. These rules have been approved by the Association’s Board of Directors for the purpose of protecting the interest of the members of the Association. They are founded on the principles of common courtesy and common sense. Access Lot privileges may be revoked for violation of these rules.

Members must accompany their guests at all times while on the access lot premises. No profanity, illegal or obscene behavior, illegal drugs, nudity, and open urination allowed on the property, floating dock or pier.

You are personally responsible for your family members and guests while on the access lot property, floating dock or pier, and any damages involving either them or for any complaints incurred while on the premises.

The gate must be locked immediately following entrance or exit of access lot.

No parking at the entrance area on either side of Rio Oro Drive or gate and boat ramps should never be blocked by your vehicle, watercraft, or trailer.

Loan of your gate key to the access lot gate is prohibited and must not be shared with friends, neighbors, or guests.

Cleaning - Please keep the access lot clean & thanks. Put all of your garbage, in the green trash container in the access lot or if they are full please take it with you when you leave. Place bottles, cans, and other recyclables in the blue containers. No cigarette butts in the children’s play area, sandbox or on the ground! (children may not realize the danger of picking these up and putting them in their mouth) There are containers on the dock, picnic tables or use your car ash tray.

Pets - Pets must remain on leashes while at the Access Lot. Owners are responsible for their pets for others safety and cleanup at all times. All animals must remain on a leash at the access lot. Pets only allowed on the dock while entering or exiting a water craft. Animals must be on leash when others present in access lot. Pets are not allowed in the children’s sandbox. It is the owner’s responsibility to clean up after their pet before leaving the access lot. Please pick up after your pet and there are poop bags next to the dock entrance if you forgot your bag. No animals on the floating dock or pier at peak times except entering water crafts.

No smoking at the access lot.

Children under age 15 must be supervised at all times.

Access Lot Official Hours - The access lot is considered closed at the commencement of darkness each day and not open until daylight the following morning. Overnight parking is prohibited from 10pm each day until 5am the following morning or you may be towed.

Parking - Parking passes are now required at the access lot and contact our secretary or vice president one. Parking is allowed on the Access Lot as a convenience for only those members or Associate members who live farther away than a short walk to their own lot, and then only while they are actively using the lot. Members should park their vehicles inside the gate nearest Rio Oro Drive, so as to be clearly out of the way of other incoming or outgoing vehicles, away from the area of the picnic tables, beach area, ramps and pier entrance. Only one vehicle is allowed per member or property address at any one time at peak times (ex. holidays, weekends). At peak times (ex. holidays, weekends), please return your boat trailer to your house so there’s room for everyone to enjoy the access lot, as well. Vehicles, watercrafts, and personal property should not be left on the Access Lot overnight from 10pm to 5am (June 22, 2013 newsletter).

Use Of The Floating Dock - Anyone else using the floating dock must yield ample space and courtesy to boaters who wish to use it for this purpose. One of the purposes of the floating dock is to give members a place to tie up while putting their boat into the water, or preparing to take their watercraft/s out of the water. No glass containers on the docks or pier. No smoking or fireworks on the floating dock or pier. No fishing at peak times (ex. holidays, weekends) or move out of the way while swimmers are using the ladder on flocking dock or pier. There are no wake signs posted.

Use Of Stationary Pier - Watercrafts should not be left tied up to the stationary part of the pier all day or long periods of time at peek use (ex. holidays, weekends). No jumping from the pier or railings is allowed. Keep the pier walkway clear of coolers, chairs, fishing equipment, and other articles, so that other members who wish to use it can do so freely and easily. No fishing at peak times (ex. holidays, weekends) and always move out of the way while swimmers are using the ladder, flocking dock or pier.

Use Of watercraft ties - Jet skis should not be left tied up at peak times (example - holidays, weekends) or after you have finished using it for any particular outing. It is not permissible to leave your jet ski tied up overnight. There are no wake signs posted.

Parties or other events at the access Lot involving 10 people or more are required to notify the Social committee chairperson or reserve coordinator at least one week or more in advance to reserve. At peak times, please be keep parties small (ex. holidays, weekends) and share area so everyone can enjoy the access lot. Email - Committee@bahiabay.org or Reserve@bahiabay.org

Abandoned property left at the Access Lot, pier or jet ski ties may be removed at the owner’s expense. Property shall be considered “abandoned” if it is in violation of the above rules.

Camping in any form is not permitted on the Access Lot at any time.

The Access Lot may be used only by active members/homeowners or active associate members of the Bahia Bay Community Association. Active members/homeowners and associate members are defined as having paid the current fiscal year’s membership dues and who are paid up in full with the Bahia Bay Community Association.

Common Areas:

Bahia Bay Community Association shall not be held liable or accountable for any accident, personal injury, property damage or loss of any kind relating to the use of the Access Lot or any other common areas within Bay Bahia subdivision.

Renters, please contact your homeowner/association member to give you your gate key for those members who's dues are paid up in full.

Thank you

Bahia Bay Community Association Board Members 2013 - 2014 (Michelle, Janice, Ann, Jackie, Miriam)

(Revised July 25, 2013, March 23, 2012, June 7, 2011, September 18, 2005, May 15, 2002)

Renters, please contact your homeowner/association member to give you your gate key for those members who's dues are paid up in full.


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