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Access Lot Key, Parking Pass, Annual Dues 2018-2019

Welcome all new residents!

Access Lot Lock & Key changed Saturday, May 19, 2018
$75 annual dues payments - please mail & make check payable to Bahia Bay Homeowners Association, P.O. Box 1202, Cornelius, NC 28031 and please write your property address on your check. Need your access lots key, pay your dues, access lots parking pass contact treasurer Louise Cronan at 980-622-3471 or treasurer@bahiabay.org 
 (Please be respectful to our treasurer by calling ahead and appropriate times).

Click here for 2017-2018 2015- 2016 or 2014 - 2013 - 2012 Dues Invoice

March 24, 2018 General Meeting - Access Lot Ramps Project

May 24, 2016 General Meeting Project Vote (by show of hands & Matt stated following Roberts Rules = 51%)

Not passed - 8 voted For and 11 Against (out of 19 homeowners) motion to replace entire existing post & rail fence with 4 ft. black aluminum fence ($4,000.00).

Passed -  18 voted For and 1  Against (out of 19 homeowners) motion for one new pier float under the floating pier ($500.00)

Ballot Results Voting Annual General Meetings Click Here  

NC boat rules and regulations - http://www.ncwildlife.org/Boating/LawsSafety.aspx

Good news, the sink holes were repaired & filled, rip rock added and top cap on the sea wall, a second rail & new treads for the steps into the water December 2015. Thanks to Matt McCurdy & access lot committee.

Thanks to Rick Bruot for replacing the tops of the metal picnic tables summer 2015!                   


We have neighborhood watch & please call police 911 with any suspicious activity.

(We had two break in's on Rio Oro Dr on Thurs. May 16, 2013) Also, a truck stolen out of the drive way at Easter 2013 and has not been recovered.

(We had two more break in's on Rio Oro Dr on Wed., May 22, 2013)

Lake Levels from Duke Energy - Click Here

Carolina Water Service FYI - On the Carolina Water Service/Utilities Inc. Property, No Dumping,  No Parking, No Yard Waste (The town hasn't been picking it up, per

the CWS guy employee) Please keep your yard waste in your yard so the town will pick up and thanks.


I would like to say a big thank you to those of you who did check your records and discovered the master list was right and have paid the dues you missed. I appreciate the notes and the stopbys.

As each of you pays I have brought the list up to indicate your balance is zero. 8-2012

Thanks again. Jackie, treasurer                  

Receiving a 2/3 vote or more Amending articles in Bylaws and long term project bids/quotes

in the annual general meeting on June 2, 2012 below. Bylaws 6-2-12 click here

Replacing pier float/s underneath the floating pier                                      Yes

($3,500.00 limit on both done at same time with piles & roller brackets)


Replacing & repairing access lot boat ramp/s                                           Yes

($15,000.00 limit on both ramps together)                                                

Striking the language currently found in article 16 of our bylaws

“Complete the Entrances Upgrade Project” as this is already

completed                                                                                             Yes    


Amend Article 13

Change our access lot amount to allow for a one-time $4,000 amount which brings the percentage to 72. Change our percentages for the future to Social- 15, Access lot- 40, Beautification- 15, Safety Sub Committee-5, Discretionary- 5.                                           Yes

(No legal fund amounts as long as it stays at maximum 7,000)

Amend Article 17

$4,000.00. first year only into separate fund (like we have for legal) in a separate account for access lot projects or other projects like this (replace piles & rollers, pier float under floating dock, the ramp, to more clearly build-up and track monies each year toward these future needs. (Approx future years, if budgets stay within new recommended percentages would be approx $1500.00. added to this fund for major projects)

Adding to Articles 16 and 17 of our Bylaws.                                             Yes               

Amend Article 16

Amend article 16 of our bylaws to add the following creating the access lot fund (referred to above). A minimum of $1,500 per year placed in a separate account for access lot projects and other projects. (after first year of $4,000.00)



Traffic Calming policy receiving a 2/3 vote or more in our annual general meeting                  

Submitting Traffic Calming policy request for asking the Town of Cornelius to lower the speed limit, adding speed limit signs on streets that have none, and suggested more "SLOW CHILDREN AT PLAY" signs for traffic calming on all our streets. Receiving a 2/3 vote or more in our annual general meeting.


Safety Sub Committee Jan 2012

The safety sub committe met in January 2012 and submitted a page full of safety recommendations to the Bahia Bay Board for approval.


First act of the Safety Sub Committee June 2012




Thank you Joe & Jan P. for put clear protector staining on the two new picnic tables 2011.

Thank you Joe & Jan P. for put protector staining on the access lot dock 2011.

Thank you Dave M. & Doug B. adding the two new picnic tables at our access lot 2011.

Thank you Terry M. & Mark D. for cutting the dead tree down May 2011. 

Thank you Dennis F. for greasing the gate April 2011.

Thank you Bill, Mark, and Terry M. for spreading the gravel in March 2011.  

Access Lot Commitee Meeting August 2010

                    Team Work & Thanks!


Thank you Mike Takes for putting up the railing on steps and cutting the post so it's flush. Also, for the plaque on green picnic table donated by Isabell.
Thanks Jan & Joe for the no wake signs on the dock. Thanks Lisa & for carpet replace on the steps, as well.
Thank you Mike F, Mike T, Mark, and Joe for volunteering to mow the access lot and entrance.
There is now a cigarette butt silver trash can with sand in it on the dock wired to a post & metal container with sand in it on the picnic tables for cigarette butts, brass pots, and/or flower potts with sand, as well.                                                                              Please let your access lot guests know about them.          Thanks, Access Lot Committee
There are few more items we'll completing soon and thanks everyone for all the help in making the access lot a safe, beautiful, and fun place for us all.

Access lot picnic tables - We voted at the spring annual May 2010  meeting to buy two new picnic tables for the access lot to replace the one that was destroyed in the spring.

Changes to Garbage Collection Services 6/2/10 - Click here  or www.cornelius.org & 800-235-2583



Thank You!  Mike Takes for oveseeing the finishing of the 3rd phase of  our dock renovation project!   Looks Great! 4-09

Thank You!   Paul Ziegler, Larry Donaghue, and Rand Kerr for the dock renovation at the access lot.  It looks awesome! 3-08



                                                                               Two bears on the loose

A wild black bear was seen by two neighbors in the woods on July 17 and July 18, 2006 in Bahia Bay. There was a channel 9 WBTV news clip of the bear at between Bahia Bay, on and the end of Torrence Chapel Rd. They stated there were two bears. Please watch children and pets with the two bears on the loose. (endangered species)
A bear was shot and kill the month before in a near by road in Cornelius. The person was arrested and fined for shooting the bear. (Endangered species)


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