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2017 - 2018 Officers & Committees

David Dunn 

Vice President

Larry Donaghue
Secretary Molly Dunn 255-6945
Treasurer Louisa Cronan 980-622-6945
Member at Large Joe Pellino 896-8777 or 845-797-2185

Encourage beautification and safety of the Bahia Bay subdivision. Promote social activities & camaraderie among the residents. Support maintaining attractive entrances and legal activity. Ensure continuity of the Bahia Bay Community Association’s Restrictive Covenants and By-Laws. Encourage participation in the Association’s positive activities, work out issues for the good of all, and set a good example as officers. Ensure collections of Bahia Bay Community Association yearly dues. (Forms page)

Access Lot Committee 2017 - 2018

Dennis Freeze                   
Kat Cook


Dave Dunn
Larry Donaghue

Lisa Freeze

(More neighbors - no 2017-2018 sign up sheet list yet) 


Help with access lot & swim area, cleanup, repairs, planning and looking great. Resolve issues for the good of all, promote sharing, & work as a team. Access lot rules click here                                                                       

Michele Wayland-Smith email requested remove Safety Sub Committee 6-25-14



Beautification Committee 2017 - 2018


Teresa Carson           (no number yet)


Molly Dunn                                              255-6945

Dave Dunn                                               255-6945

(No meeting sign up sheet list yet)

Help keep entrances and common area's looking great 

Housing Committee 2017 - 2018

(More - no meeting 2017-2018 list yet)

Review new housing plans and renovations

Judicial Committee 2017 - 2018

Terry Marcinack moved 7-2017



(no meeting sign up sheet list yet for 2017-2018)


Review restrictions and access lot rules (Forms page click here)

Social Committee 2017-2018

Lisa Freeze                                   


MaryAnne Shook 299-2222
Kat Cook                                                     895-5311 


  (More neighbors - no meeting 2017-2018 signup sheet list yet)                                          

Help plan, organize, & do, social events, picnics, and endorse positive community.






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