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Access Lot Rules Bahia Bay Community Association

(Last revision rec. January 18, 2014)




Welcome to our neighborhood.  There are a few rules to read and share with your household. 

Please no speeding, watch for kids, pets, and walkers when driving in the neighborhood.




The access lot & swim area is Bahia Bay Community Association property.  These rules have been approved by the Association Board of Directors for the purpose of protecting the interest of the members of the Association.  They are founded on the principles of common courtesy and common sense.  Access lot privileges may be revoked for violation of these rules. 


Invited guests must be accompanied by the Association member/homeowner at all times while on the access lot premises.  No profanity, illegal or obscene behavior, illegal drugs, nudity, or open urination allowed on the property, floating dock or pier.


You are personally responsible for your family members and guests while on the access lot property, floating dock or pier, and any damages involving any of them or for any complaints incurred while on the premises. 


The gate is to be kept locked at ALL times except while entering and exiting. 


No parking at the entrance area on either side of Rio Oro or gate, and boat ramps should never be blocked by your vehicle, watercraft or trailer.


Your key to the access lot gate MUST NOT be shared with friends, neighbors or guests. 


Cleaning – Please keep the access lot clean.  Put all of your garbage in the green trash container in the access lot or if they are full, please take it with you when you leave.  Place bottles, cans, and other recyclables in the blue containers.  No smoking is allowed. 


Pets – Pets must be accompanied by the member/homeowner who owns them, and must be kept on a leash.  Pets are allowed on the dock only when entering or exiting a watercraft.  It is the owner's responsibility to clean up after their pet before leaving the access lot.  Please pick up after your pet.  There are poop bags next to the dock entrance. 


Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent, grandparent, guardian or responsible caregiver.  Children are required to wear life jackets in all swimming areas and on floating dock or pier.


Access lot official hours – The access lot is considered closed after dark each day and does not open until daylight the following morning. 


Parking- Parking is allowed in the access lot only by homeowners/residents in good standing during the hours posted in the access lot.  At peak times (weekends and holidays), please return your boat trailer to your house so that there is room for others to park at the access lot.  Vehicles, watercrafts, and personal property cannot be left in the access lot overnight and may be towed and/or removed.


Use of floating dock- One of the purposes of the floating dock is to give members a place to tie up while putting their watercrafts into the water or preparing to take their watercrafts out of the water.  Anyone else using the floating dock must yield ample space and courtesy to boaters who wish to use it for this purpose.  There is a weight limit of 10 persons on the floating dock.  Please limit floating dock to 10 persons or less.  No glass containers on the docks or pier.  No smoking or fireworks on the docks or pier.  No fishing at peak times (weekends or holidays).  Move to allow passage of swimmers using the ladder, floating dock or pier.  No wake in the access lot. 


Use of the stationary pier – Watercrafts should not be left tied up to stationary part of pier all day or for long periods during peak use (weekends or holidays).  No jumping from the pier or railings.  Keep the pier walkway clear of coolers, chairs, fishing equipment or other articles so that other members who wish to use it can do so freely and easily. 


Watercraft ties – Jet skis should not be left tied up at peak times (holiday and weekends) or after you finish using it.  Watercrafts may not be left tied to the dock or pier overnight.  It may be towed. 


Parties or other events at the access lot involving 10 people or more are required to notify the Bahia Bay Executive Board in writing at least one (1) week or more in advance of the date of use by writing to Bahia Bay Homeowners Association P.O. Box 1202 Cornelius NC 28031 or emailing the current Executive Board Members at their email addresses as noted on the Bahia Bay Community Association web site (http://www.bahiabay.org).  At peak times (holidays and weekends), keep parties small and share the area so that everyone can enjoy the access lot.  


Abandoned property left at the access lot, pier or jet ski ties may be removed at the owner's expense.  Property shall be considered "abandoned" if it is in violation of the above rules.


Camping in any form is not permitted at the access lot at any time.


The access lot may be used by members/homeowners in good standing and having paid all Association dues in full.



Bahia Bay Community Association shall not be held liable for accountable for any accident, personal injury, property damage or loss of any kind relating to the use of the access lot or any common areas within the Bahia Bay subdivision. 


Renters:  Please contact your homeowner/Association member to give you a gate key and parking pass from that homeowner/Association member whose dues are paid in full and is in good standing. 



One of the functions of the Bahia Bay's Board Members is to promote safe use of the access lot for members. To help achieve this goal, a parking pass is required to park in the access lot and cars without passes visibly displayed on the dashboard may be towed.  Members should park their vehicles inside the gate nearest to Rio Oro Drive so as to be clearly out of the way of other incoming and outgoing vehicles, away from picnic tables, beach areas, ramps and pier entrance.  Only 1 pass (that is, 1 vehicle) is allowed per member or property address.  Your key to the access lot gate and parking pass MUST NOT be shared with friends, neighbors or guests. 


Thank you.


Thank you


Bahia Bay Community Association Board Members 2013 - 2014 (Michelle, Janice, Ann, Jackie, Miriam)


(Revised January 18, 2014, July 25, 2013, March 23, 2012, June 7, 2011, September 18, 2005, May 15, 2002)

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