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Meeting Minutes

Will post official annual meeting minutes on 5-20-17 when received by Mindi (Secretary or board member)

Will post official general meeting minutes on 3-24-16 when received by Mindi (Secretary or board member)

May 24, 2016 General Meeting Project Vote (by show of hands & Matt stated following Roberts Rules= 51%)

Not passed - 8 voted For and 11 Against (out of 19 homeowners) motion to replace entire existing post & rail fence with 4 ft. black aluminum fence ($4,000.00).

Passed -  18 voted For and 1 Against (out of 19 homeowners) motion for one new pier float under the floating pier ($500.00)

No meeting minutes to approve, per Matt's 3-24-16 general meeting at access lot at 6pm Thursday.

General Meeting Minutes for May 16 2015

(received from Matt 5-27-15)

(delayed post due to Matt McCurdy checked on dog leash laws & confirmed)

March 27,2015 EMERGENCY MEETING Minutes x2

(rec from Ann Pappas 4-29-15)



Date: 03/27/15 at 6:32 p.m.

Location:  Access Lot

Called to order at 6:35 p.m.

Motion to end meeting at 7:15 p.m.


Michelle discussed sole purpose of meeting is to vote on the use of funds to repair sea wall and add rock to the end of each ramp.  A resident attempted to redirect to discuss other options such as removing the wall and putting in a beach.  Again, Michelle redirected the meeting back, stating that that had been discussed at last year’s special meeting and that the vote was against removal at that time.  She reiterated that the investigations of contractors had been done by the access lot committee already and that the meeting is solely to determine if the funds are to be spent.  A homeowner asked for a statement of the amount of money available in our current accounts.  Jackie confirmed that between the general fund and the Access Lot fund, there was sufficient funds to pay for the projected without assessing an additional homeowner fee.  It was explained that we had a b.i.d. of $17150 and 20% was added as a contingency for a total of $20,580.  A vote was held with 17 homeowners approving the expense of $20,580 and 1voting against.


03/27/15          Repair of sea wall, filling of sink holes and addition of rock to end of both launch ramps.  Monies allotted in 04/2015.  Awaiting water level to drop for work to be done.  See contract for details.  Amount approved:  $$20,580 at a vote of 17:1.


Meeting was adjourned.

March 27,2015 EMERGENCY MEETING Minutes
(rec from Ann Pappas3-28-15)

At the emergency meeting at the Access Lot last night resulted in a vote of 17 to 1 in favor of setting aside $20,580 for the repair of the retaining wall and sink holes and moving rocks in sink holes to end of launch ramps.

May 17, 2014 General Meeting Minutes - posting when received

July 23, 2013 General Meeting Minutes

 (General Meeting Minutes from Secretary Ann Pappas posted 7-29-13 & rec 7-26-13)

(July 23, 2013 general meeting) posted 7-29 for Ann Pappas




LOCATION:  Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce

TIME CALLED TO ORDER:  10:10 a.m. on 06/01/2013.


Greeting by President


No minutes from prior meeting to approve.  President discussed prior general meeting with input from the community for bylaw changes and description of changes from 2008 to current bylaws.  Explained need for these to be logged with the Mecklenburg County.  Discussion of governing of access lot using a sign so that the rules can be changed without changing the bylaws, which can only be changed every 5 years. 


Discussion of ballot:  Bylaw amendments will be included until be able vote again (period 5 years).  The 1-20 are for the rules at the access lot.  The bylaws have to be 2/3 majority physically present in the room.  The access lot rules in majority vote by people present at meeting today. 


Discussed current year's expenses/budget:  No budget produced for 2013 to 2014.  His understanding was that the budget should be designed by the incoming board since they must be held accountable to this.  Have a meeting within 30 days and come back and vote on it.  Kat explained that we need a budget to start the year.  Called to vote for majority for letting the new board come up with budget for next year.  This was approved by a majority show of hands.


All old business accounted for.


Aaron discussed that we have 2 major expenses:  Fixing the launch ramp and the retaining walls.  We do not have the budget to do both.  Which do we focus on the launch ramp or the retaining wall?  Open for discussion.  It was noted that the community had voted at the last annual meeting to repair the ramp on the left with lowest figure of $10,000.  A new bid will be needed.  The sea wall has not been voted on.  Kat says it has held up.  Aaron asked that the new board have an official assessment with 3 different evaluations and then come back to discuss which to do.  Duke Power can evaluate the retaining wall.  Ann offered to arrange this.


Aaron talked about other ways to raise money to fund projects:  Donations, cutting back on Boo Bash and other expenses, etc. raise dues to get it done.  Option is fast, cheap or good.  Aaron discussed financial constraints- that $50.00 does not cover larger projects.  There are only a few ways address it:  Raise dues, charity, fund raisers, take out a loan, versus saving.  Community members expressed interest in continuing saving.  Discussed use of the info that we currently have to decide.  The first priority is to get 3 bids on the retaining wall and launch ramp.  Terry suggested rip-rap to repair retaining wall.


Outstanding dues were discussed.  Community members suggested raising dues just for the short term.  Tim brought up a good suggestion to remove retaining wall and make it a beach.  If Duke comes out to inspect, perhaps they can tell us if we can make it a beach.  A member stated that she did not think that the degree of incline that we have would allow for conversion to beach entrance.


Aaron talked about getting money out of people, explaining that the lien only works when the house sells.  Collection agencies take at least 25% of the amount collected.  A motion was made, seconded and approved by members present to putting names of outstanding nonpayers in newsletter and on web site.  A member suggested lien on the highest outstanding offenders. Aaron explained that attorneys' fees can be included into the cost of the lien.  Terry M. explained that he had contacted MacIntosh Law Firm who he has consulted, and they would be willing to help with this.  He offered to provide that information to Ann, the secretary. 


The total of outstanding dues is between 5-10,000 dollars.  The judicial committee can help Jackie collect back due.  Asked for signups for this committee.


Final decision of discussion:

Put homeowners with outstanding dues in newsletter and web site as past due.

Agreement that the new board and judiciary committee, if outstanding dues remain, may use a collection agency, obtain liens or otherwise take care of it without additional input from the general members.  A letter will be drafted and sent to homeowners with outstanding dues notifying them of potential lien, collections or legal action. 


Discussion about enforcement of Access Lot Rules:

Aaron discussed that as of now, the board has to go down to enforce it.  The police are allowed to come on the lot and enforce laws, not if people are just breaking a rule.  If the rules have been voted on, Access Lot use can be revoked, so the rules can be enforced.  It is hard to enforce.  He described the recent incident with the woman who would not abide by the rules.  Aaron suggests that we all take it upon ourselves to treat it as our living room.  We are all a member of this community and there are a lot of young people in the community who can bring up to 9 friends without permission.  Our job is to ask, "Who is the homeowner?"  Once the homeowner is identified, reply, "I am a homeowner here. That is now allowed."  The right escalation is not 911, but call the police number and ask for help.  Members described other recent events in the Access Lot. 


Discussion was had about stuff being left in the lot.  Terry said that there is a towing company that would agree to tow.  Signs regarding towing had been posted but they have disappeared.  New signs must be posted and the towing company contacted.  Discussion was had regarding "getting stuck in the lot" by unforeseen circumstances. Different options were discussed.  Options would be having a towing company that tows only when called, always after dusk, or with other stipulations.  It as a consensus that we need to post the signs back up and then leverage.  We need to post signs and have a relationship with a towing company.  No resolution was reached other than confirmation that the lot closes at dusk.    



1.  Landscaping business across the stress from rental property.  Barry was asked directly regarding the bylaws.  The Bylaws say you are not able have a business in the neighborhood. Homeowner requested that the judicial committee send a letter that says that you cannot have a business in the area.   The landscaper uses a lot that he does not actually own.  Suggestion made to call the city.  Aaron offered to talk with the landscaper. 

2.  Speed bumps

Expression about need for speed bumps.  Homeowner requested evaluation for speed bumps. Another homeowner said speed bumps about $100 at their lowest.  Board coming in needs to get data on speed bumps.  A homeowner stated you cannot put speed bumps on a public street.  Someone said that they cause delay of fire responders.  Sign up for the safety subcommittee so that this can be further investigated.  Kat stated that has speed bump traffic policy.  **Need the safety committee to investigate the feasibility of sidewalks and speed bumps. 


Corky, Brian Bayne will help with the bids. 


3.  Question regarding beach entrance versus retaining wall.  This will be investigated with by Duke Power, Lake Management.

4.  Discussion of recent crime in neighborhood.  The house on Rio Oro where there was an alleged drug bust was not.  He would have been evicted if it was a true drug bust.  There have been 3 breakins in the neighborhood.  Aaron's understanding was they were 3 empty houses that were broken into.  There was also 1 older truck (1985) taken, but it is unclear how it was removed (older truck).  Use the actual number for nonemergency calls, not 911 and report it.  Do not report legal issues to the Board. 

5.  A member asked about a neighborhood or town watch.  It was explained that we have neighborhood watch signs.  The suggestion was made that If someone wants to champion one, anyone can do it.  It does not need to be a responsibility of the Board.  If you see something suspicious, homeowners say to call 911 if it is suspicious.   If something is dangerous, call 911 (for example, someone driving or riding through the neighborhood looking for their next target). Say, "This is not a medical emergency, but…"  Kat said that there has been a person on a bicycle with a backpack (WM 20s to 30s, long brown hair), and there has been another break-in.  Brian explained what he knew of the recent break-ins:  5 houses close to the entrance, 1 old house on Torrance Chapel.  Back door entry.  Small stuff including hand gun.  Common thread- white male 20-30s on bicycle.  One of the common threads is the homes were for sale or appeared to be weekend homes. 

6.  Aaron ask for others to run:  Terry has nominated himself for member at large and this was seconded.  Aaron instructed all present to add him to the ballot and offered to return any ballots already submitted for any change to be made. Votes will be tallied and posted on the web site and sent out in the next newsletter.

7.  Those running for Board positions who were present introduced themselves, and Aaron instructed everyone to vote and turn in their ballots.


11:35 a.m. Meeting called to close.



2013-14 Ballot Results Bylaws, Access Lot Rules, & New Board - Bahia Bay Community Association

Annual General Meeting June 1, 2013

Voting Ballot Results (back page)

March 26, 2013 Board General Meeting Minutes

(received & posted 5-2-13 for March 26, 2013 Board General Meeting Minutes from Secretary Ann Pappas)

MEETING MINUTES 03/26/13 at 7:05 p.m.


A total of 21 in attendance, including Board members (Aaron Friedman, Jackie Bombard, Ann Pappas and Joe Pallino).


Meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.   Thanks people for attending, explaining that those in attendance are some of the people that want to be involved in the community and described how bylaws are to be changed.  The meeting was called because only one homeowner besides the Board members volunteered for the bylaw committee and it seemed unfair to have all suggestions from such a limited number of homeowners.  Thus, the meeting was called. 


The homeowners present discussed the pros and cons of various changes, trying to determine what needs to be part of the bylaws and what should just be changes to Bahia Bay rules.  It was decided that the vote in June would be a blind vote on the bylaw changes.  Various homeowners brought up various topics regarding rule changes and whether they should be included as Bylaws. 


The use of calling the police was discussed.  The Access Lot is private property, and it was discussed whether or not the police can enforce laws on the access lot.  It was discussed whether State law will allow Bahia Bay to give permission to the Cornelius Police to enforce laws in the Access Lot.  Aaron agreed to investigate this. 


The following rules were discussed in detail:
** Owners are responsible for their pets for safety and cleanup at all times.

** All animals must remain on a leash at the access lot. 

** Pets only allowed on the dock while entering or exiting a water craft. 

** No alcohol at the access lot.

** No smoking at the access lot.

** Dogs should remain on a leash when others are present in the Access Lot.


Discussion was had regarding changing of the sign in the Access Lot to include homeowner responsible for picking up dog poop.  Aaron suggested that the sign be discussed at the Annual Meeting in June. CHANGE to the SIGN—to pick up poop.


Aaron discussed the issue of how can we govern our community as civil adults who live in the same space.  How are we going to govern ourselves?  Can we put out pasts aside? Aaron states that he thinks we need to do this as a community to get along. 


A discussion regarding the enforcement of rules/Disciplinary actions 4A

Aaron asked that this discussion be postponed until discussing he can this issue with the police. Rick said he would help to figure that out. 


Discussion regarding the Access Lot sign was animated, thoughtful and thorough.  The consensus was that the Bylaws do not have to specifically say what  the sign says, and that the Bylaws should be very general. 


Two main suggestions are made for bylaw changes:

1.  ARTICLE 8, SECTION 4: CURRENT BYLAW- No officer shall serve more than two terms in succession in the same position, nor more than 3 consecutive years on the Executive Board.  CHANGE SUGGESTED:  Executive Board member terms shall be two years, and an officer may serve 2 consecutive terms in the same position.  This was discussed at length weighing pros and cons of extending the term.

2.  ARTICLE 19, SECTION A:  ADDITION:  Access Lot Rules include all that is listed in the Bylaws as well as any signs otherwise posted by the Bahia Bay Homeowners Association.  Recommendations for Access Lot rules will be made by the Access Lot Committee, and the Executive Board will then vote on Access Lot rule changes.


Discussion was had about how to determine access lot rules.  Discussion was had regarding problems with people using the Access Lot who are not homeowners or renters and are unaccompanied by homeowners. 


A discussion was had regarding enforcement of rules and Bylaws with renters, discussing Access Lot use, methods of providing rules/Bylaws to renters, etc.  It was agreed that it is the homeowner's responsibility to inform their renters of the rules and Bylaws of Bahia Bay.  It was decided that this would not be made part of the Bylaws.


A discussion was had regarding raising of the HOA to $100.00.  Aaron says we have some major projects that need repairs- ramp and retaining wall.  Discussion was had regarding other methods to raise money for these projects and which are a priority.  The suggestion was made that perhaps a one-time special project fund/charge would be better than raising the dues to $100 per year. 


A discussion was had regarding whether it is worth re-investigating the use of a property management company.  Some voiced concerns that it was too expensive.  Others expressed that there are problems with collection, enforcement of dues and enforcement of Access Lot rules, which a property management company might be able to assist with.  The suggestion that a property management company be hired to perform limited services at a reduced fee was made.  The point was made that ultimately the decisions fall to the Executive Board to make the tough decisions, so a management company is limited by the authority given to it, and that interest in a management company in the past was low.  It was expressed that monies should be spent on projects, not a management company.  Others asked that additional information be provided.  No decision was made regarding this issue. 


Outstanding, unpaid dues were discussed.  Jackie has been successful in gathering some outstanding dues, but a lot remains.  A homeowner brought up the fact that he felt that HOAs are out of favor, and homes are selling better without HOAs.  Aaron says there is a lot of feuding and people not getting along, so we need to work on ways to solve those issues.


A brief discussion was held about the unrepaired launch ramps and retaining wall.  Kat says the lake levels are down in January and February (info at www.duke-energy.com/lakes/levels.asp), but the funds are not currently available for the repairs.  There was a discussion regarding which needs to be done and the bids that are available from Kat. 


A brief discussion was held about the status of the entrances and that the lawn is being mowed shorter than the homeowner's well-kept lawn, and we need to make sure that the homeowner's lawn is not mowed in the process of maintaining the lawn around the entrance sign.  There is overgrowth at the second entrance that needs to cut back, and Rick agreed to take care of cutting it at that entrance   


Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.


June 8, 2012 Board Annual General Meeting Minutes




06/08/2012 from 3:00 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.



1.  Terry Marciniak, President

2.  Aaron Friedman, Vice President

3.  Ann Pappas, Secretary

4.  Jackie Bombard, Treasurer

5.  Joe Pellino, Member At Large



1.         Introductions of those in attendance relative to Bahia Bay Homeowners Association

2.         Judicial Committee

            A.         Definition:  One board member and four homeowners at large.

            B.         Joe will attempt to recruit four homeowners including Bill Shaullman.

3.         Floating Dock

A.         Dock owned by Pat Cruz and Barry Newton has letter regarding its ownership, and Barry Newton has deed for the access lot.

                        B.         Pat Cruz is going to be supervising and arranging dock repair and will be supplying a bid.  Terry will be in contact with Pat and monitor progress.

            C.        Broken bolts appear to have been replaced, but this will be confirmed by Terry.

                        D.        Ann asked about a sign for the floating dock indicating person/weight limit on dock and swim at your own risk.  Terry and Joe stated that limit is 10 people on the floating dock.  Terry agreed to investigate obtaining a sign with those 2 limitations listed on one sign. 

4.  Shrubs/bushes Obstructing Lines of Sight

A.         Entrance bushes overgrown and obstructing sight line at entrance.  Joe and Terry will trim bushes appropriately with Board accepting risk that trimming could possibly kill plant. 

B.         Aaron brought attention to tree/shrubbery on Rio Oro obstructing sight line on Rio Oro.  Aaron agrees to approach homeowner to ask to trim back tree/shrubbery.  If they are unable, he will do it for them for free.

5.  Access Lot Grass Maintenance

            A.         The access lot currently looks great.

                        B.         Terry and Mark did routine maintenance of plants/landscaping in access lot and repair of a few posts.

                        C.        Terry and/or Mark Davis will monitor quality of lawn moving services and address issues accordingly.

                        D.        Lawn moving was defined as mow every 7 days if there has been rain and includes all lawn in the access lot and edging where appropriate.

6.                     Judicial Issues

                        A.         Loud radio not allowed, but only mentioned on signs and not in bylaws.  Suggested amending bylaws at future meeting to include this.  Discussion of need to control noise disturbance.  Aaron agreed to address current issue with homeowner directly.

                        B.         Complaints must be in written form to be addressed by Board.  Joe will provide current complaint form to Ann who will provide it to Aaron and Kat for the website. 

                        C.        Discuss banning of alcohol and smoking in access lot.  Board agreed to make no ruling on this, but to consider placing this to a vote at a General Meeting.

                        D.        Board discussed complaint process

                                    1.         Verbal discussion first.

                                                2.         Written complaint mandatory, which then will be addressed by a Board member.

3.         Discussed use of 3 written complaints within 1 year possibly leading to suspension of use of access lot or revocation of key.

4.         Board members agreed to talk with homeowners directly.

E.         Discussed definition of adult child of a homeowner and need to discuss issues with the adult child of the homeowner directly when dealing with complaints.

7.                     General Meeting

                        Discussed frequency of General Meetings and need for biannual meetings.  Board

discussed a General Meeting every 6 months in order to get additional valuable input

from homeowners.

8.         Ramps

A.         Board discussed poor quality of old ramp and need to repair left ramp (when facing out toward the lake) and likely remove the older (right ramp when facing out toward the lake) ramp when funds become available in approximately 5 years.  Discussed need to improve pitch on ramp when it is repaired to improve ease of use. 

B.         Discussed fundraisers to possibly raise additional monies more quickly.  Board decided to delay any decision on this issue at this time. 

C.        Discussed removing old ramp, leaving it as a walkway entrance with riprap along front 3/4 of the way up and making the area a swimmers only area with boats/power crafts on opposite side of dock.

D.        Aaron suggested gathering data and presenting at biannual Bahia Bay Homeowners Association meeting.  Terry suggested meeting in October.  All concurred.

9.         Retaining Wall

A.         Joe questioned insurance coverage on retaining wall and asked about rider on wall to help with replacement.  Jackie to investigate current insurance plan and coverage and gather data on cost of adding rider.

B.         Board agreed that there is no current funding available to proceed with adding riprap at this time, and focus will be on maintenance of the floating dock during this calendar year.

10.       Entertainment/Social Committee

            A.         No homeowners signed up for the Social Committee.

                        B.         Discussion was had regarding the great services provided by Kat and other homeowners in the past, budget, use of funds.

                        C.        Board agreed to hold 2 events this year:

                                    1.         Boo Bash. 

                                    2.         Homeowners Meet-And-Greet

                        D.        Ann agreed to contact Kat regarding continuing to steer the Social Committee.

                        E.         Aaron suggested fund raiser to possibly help with costs of access lot repairs in the form of a barbecue, garage sale, bake sale, etc.  No decision made on this issue. 

11.                   Technology

                        A.         Aaron suggested improved use of technology to educate homeowners regarding issues important to Bahia Bay.

                        B.         Aaron requested information regarding data to allow for direct deposit of dues.  He will contact Jackie or other appropriate source to proceed with this.

                        C.        Aaron requested data regarding email addresses and property addresses for all homeowners in order to set up system of sending emails to homeowners regarding upcoming events, newsletter, and meetings.  Jackie and Joe stated that they would provide whatever information they have available to Aaron. 

12.       Upcoming Meeting

A.         Terry suggested another meeting in 2-3 weeks with committee members invited to attend.  All concurred. 

B.         Terry agreed to consult Aaron regarding a time convenient to him as well as the other Board members.

C.        Board members agreed to read the bylaws prior to the next meeting to discuss further implementation of Bahia Bay Homeowners Association rules.   


June 2, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Coming soon (posted at that time received from our 2011-2012 Bahia Bay Secretary Lisa)

News update below

Receiving a 2/3 vote or more Amending articles in Bylaws and long term project bids/quotes

in the annual general meeting on June 2, 2012 below.

Replacing pier float/s underneath the floating pier                                      Yes

($3,500.00 limit on both done at same time with piles & roller brackets)


Replacing & repairing access lot boat ramp/s                                           Yes

($15,000.00 limit on both ramps together)                                                

Striking the language currently found in article 16 of our bylaws

“Complete the Entrances Upgrade Project” as this is already

completed                                                                                             Yes    


Amend Article 13

Change our access lot amount to allow for a one-time $4,000 amount which brings the percentage to 72. Change our percentages for the future to Social- 15, Access lot- 40, Beautification- 15, Safety Sub Committee-5, Discretionary- 5.                                           Yes

(No legal fund amounts as long as it stays at maximum 7,000)

Amend Article 17

$4,000.00. first year only into separate fund (like we have for legal) in a separate account for access lot projects or other projects like this (replace piles & rollers, pier float under floating dock, the ramp, to more clearly build-up and track monies each year toward these future needs. (Approx future years, if budgets stay within new recommended percentages would be approx $1500.00. added to this fund for major projects)

Adding to Articles 16 and 17 of our Bylaws.                                             Yes               

Amend Article 16

Amend article 16 of our bylaws to add the following creating the access lot fund (referred to above). A minimum of $1,500 per year placed in a separate account for access lot projects and other projects. (after first year of $4,000.00)



Traffic Calming policy receiving a 2/3 vote or more in our annual general meeting                  

Submitting Traffic Calming policy request for asking the Town of Cornelius to lower the speed limit, adding speed limit signs on streets that have none, and suggested more "SLOW CHILDREN AT PLAY" signs for traffic calming on all our streets. Receiving a 2/3 vote or more in our annual general meeting.


Agenda Annual General Meeting June 2, 2012 




Meeting Minutes June 4, 2011

(Bahia Bay Secretary Lisa)

Meeting come to order. Approved last meetings minutes.

Informed if street light is out you’re supposed to tie a yellow or ribbon around it, call the town of Cornelius, so they can spot it and repair.

Homeowner's voted in favor of keeping the large tree at the access lot that's possibly dyingand that may die from our professional’s feedback plus quotes.

Sea Wall Investigation - Many people look at the condition of the seawall, including professionals. At present we've been told that we’re in good shape. The majority of our board is not in favor of repairing the sea wall this year. Discuss future repairs as needed.

The permanent bathroom didn’t get a 2/3 vote by a few votes after review & discussion at the annual meeting. Our board is voted in favor of looking as a long term project.

Tried out the port a jon in July as a try out the idea during the busy summer season. Please bring your comments and vote to next year's general meeting for deciding whether or not to repeat, or expand to summer months in 2012.

Informed access lots boat ramp repair and went over several boat ramps repair quotes. Also, mentioned i t requires the lake level to drop down, which hasn't happened in several years. We are purposely planning to build up funds for this project.

Discussed the list of observations and recommendations this new sub committee to the access lot has made. We will bring them for a vote. Regarding traffic and safety on our streets specifically, we will be asking the Town of Cornelius to consider lowering the speed limit and suggested more "SLOW CHILDREN AT PLAY" signs for traffic calming." We'll discuss more details of their findings and vote on a budget to move forward. More street lights in the neighborhood?

Our 2011 – 2012 board members voted in favor of fixed safety issues and so far nothing over $200. We feel safety is #1.

Discussed moved website hosting to save more money.

Our board approved paying $30 per mowing (your mower & gas) for the access lot and entrance. This is for any one in our Bahia Bay neighborhood who is interested. Please contact Joe Pellino at 704-896-8777 (access lot committee chairperson) if you would like to do this.

Informed of specific instances of unacceptable behavior, including threats, locking the gate on certain people and preferential treatment of others, personal issues that result in vandalism. Updated the RULES this Association is putting forth for all this who in Bahia Bay. Our by-laws actually allow us to take access lot privileges away from those we feel have violated this code of conduct. As neighbors, we hope to build a better, safer common space where we can talk openly and respectfully to one another.

Discussed renters and new homeowners to review or print out the access lot rules on renter’s page at www.bahiabay.org website. Let family, friends, and guests know. Please be aware that there is or obscene behavior (no nudity) allowed at the access lot, swim area, pier, dock or other common areas.

Closed Meeting


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