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2013 Newsletters

June 2013 Newsletter - Bahia Bay Community Association Newsletter

May 2013 Spring Newsletter

Bahia Bay Community Association Newsletter


Annual General Meeting scheduled for Saturday, June 1, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. at Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce where BYLAW CHANGES WILL VOTED ON BY THE HOMEOWNERS PRESENT.  A 2/3 majority vote of those present is required for passage of any bylaw changes (by closed ballot).  Dues will be collected at the Annual General Meeting for the 2013-2014 year.  Dues have been mandatory since 2003.  Bring your old key to exchange for new one.  In 2014, if you do not return your old key, you may be assessed a $5.00 replacement fee. 


Aaron Friedman, Acting President, will not be able to participate on the Executive Board next year as he is enrolled in an M.B.A. program.  We appreciate all his help and sage input this past year and he will be greatly missed.  VOLUNTEERS ARE GREATLY NEEDED FOR THE EXECUTIVE BOARD POSITIONS!  Please donate your time to help your community. 


A quick note of appreciation to Courtney Wolfram for donating the use of the LKN Chamber of Commerce room for our General Meeting in March.  Every penny helps fund our other projections.  Thanks, Ann Pappas, for donating a second lock for use at the Access Lot.  Rekeying should now be a breeze and the lot can remained locked at all times.


The following are the Bylaws up for a vote for changes/additions:


Article 3: Membership

Add for a vote:

Section 3:  Members not in good standing or in compliance with Article 4 (Dues) are not eligible to participate in or vote at the General Meetings. 


Article 8, Section 2 currently reads:   All officers shall be elected by secret ballot at the annual meeting and shall continue in office for one year.

The change for vote:  All officers shall be elected by secret ballot at the annual meeting and shall remain in office for a term of two years with the option of reelection for a second two-year term.  The secret ballot requirement may be replaced by a majority "show-of-hands" vote, when the elections appear to be non-controversial.

Article 8, Section 4:  No officer shall serve more than two terms in succession in the same position, nor more than three consecutive years on the Executive Board. 

The change for vote:  No officer shall serve more than two terms in succession in the same position.


Article 12: Policy of Enforcement of Restrictions

The addition for vote:  The addition of the following:  Access Lot rules are not expressly listed but include those rules as otherwise posted on signage installed by the Bahia Bay Community Association.  Access Lot rules will be voted on yearly at the Annual General Meeting. 


Regarding Article 12 above:

There were numerous suggestions made at the last general meeting regarding Access Lot rule changes but these will NOT be made part of the bylaws.  Those potential changes to the rules will be voted on yearly at the Annual General Meeting and the sign revised.  This year's list includes (this will be a line-by-line closed ballot vote):

1.         Owners are responsible for their pets for safety and cleanup at all times.

2.         All animals must remain on a leash at the access lot. 

3.         Pets only allowed on the dock while entering or exiting a water craft. 

4.         No alcohol at the access lot.

5.         No smoking at the access lot.

6.         Animals must be on leash when others present in Access Lot.

7.         Access lot is for the use of the paid members of the Bahia Bay Community Association and their supervised guests only.

8.         Members must accompany their guests at all times.

Page 2

9.         Trespasser will be prosecuted.

10.        Lot use is prohibited after dark.

11.        Parking is restricted to posted areas only. Violators will be towed.

12.        Overnight car parking is prohibited.

13.        Gate must be locked immediately following entrance or exit of lot.

14.        Loaning of gate key is prohibited.

15.        Diving, jumping, running & horseplay on pier is prohibited.

16.        Children 15 and under must be supervised at all times and flotation devices should be used.

17.        Dogs should be leashed and closely supervised at all times.

18.        Remove all trash, pet waste, and personal belongings.

19.        Yelling, loud music, profanity & open intoxication are prohibited.

20.        Blocking of the boat ramp will result in towing of your vehicle.


February 2013 Newsletter

Bahia Bay Community Association Newsletter


Hi neighbors,

Just as our government has had to buckle down and start making decisions after the New Year, so must our Bahia Bay Community Association!


Of note, no one accepted the position of Vice President on the Board, so the Board has functioned without a Vice President since Aaron Friedman agreed to act at President for the remainder of Bahia Bay Association calendar year. 


Since the only volunteers for the Steering Committee to discuss possible Bylaw changes/amendments  included current Board Members and Terry Marciniak, the Board has elected to schedule a General Board Meeting on Tuesday March 26,2013 at 7:00 p.m. at the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce at 19900 W Catawba Ave. Suite 101, Cornelius, NC 28031 so that any resident with suggestions other than those returned to the Bahia Bay Community Association post office box will have a chance to offer input.  Those suggestions agreed upon for consideration for Bylaw revisions will then be posted on the web site and sent out in a newsletter prior to the Annual General Meeting scheduled for Saturday, June 1, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. at Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce where they will be voted on by the residents. 


Some of the suggestions/ revisions to the Bylaws to be discussed include:

1.  No dogs on the dock.

2.  No alcohol in the Access Lot.

3.  No limitation to the number of years a Board member runs for and/or holds a specific office or remains on the Board (Neighborhood is currently occupied by 60% homeowners, which limits the number of people   available and willing to volunteer for the Board).

4.  Changes and/or clarification to the method of disciplinary action for Bylaw infractions.

5.  Making the rules on the sign at the access lot a permanent part of the Bylaws, rather than implied by the language of the current Bylaws.

6.  Use of certified letters to homeowners with all association Bylaws changes.

7.  Methods of enforcement of new rules/proposals.

8.  Consideration for private property management company to manage and enforce Bylaws and Restrictions.


Please contact the Bahia Bay website or send a note with your suggestions to the Bahia Bay Community Association at P.O. Box 1202 Cornelius NC 28031.  Please send suggestions by March 16, 2013 for Bylaw revisions either by filling out the space below and mailing to the Bahia Bay Community Association at the address above or by email to the website.  The final suggestions will be voted on at the Annual Board Meeting on Saturday June 1, 2013 at 10:00 a.m.  According to the current Bylaws, an affirmative vote of two-thirds or greater of the total membership present at the Annual Meeting is required to enact changes to the current Bylaws.














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